LightCON Unveils Global Teaser Site for New Mobile Game ‘Rise of Stars (ROS)’

Opened the global teaser site for the new title ‘Rise of Stars (ROS)’
SF strategy game developed on WEMIX
Aiming for a global launch in the 1st quarter of 2022

2021-11-26 11:40 출처: LightCON

SEONGNAM, South Kore--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 11월 26일 -- Rise of Stars (ROS), a new mobile game that is being developed by LightCON, a subsidiary of WEMADE MAX (Co-CEOs: Hyunguk Chang, Gilhyung Lee) (KOSDAQ: 101730), today opened its global teaser site.

Under the slogan, ‘The 4x Blockchain Game for the Greatest Conqueror,’ the teaser site was designed to help users experience the unique atmosphere of ROS and the game concept with the representative image of the game.

ROS is a new mobile SF strategy game featuring elaborately designed warships and planets set in the vast universe.

It has also fun elements, such as for players to find planets with rich resources in the galaxy and engage in battles against opponents, in addition to the strategic planning to expand power through real-time massive warfare.

At the same time, ROS will be building a system for players to obtain game tokens through resource mining within planets.

Through the application of Wemade’s blockchain technology, ROS will introduce a new game token and also a non-fungible token (NFT) on WEMIX platform.

ROS will be globally serviced under the title, ‘Rise of Stars on WEMIX.’ Making every effort to ensure a successful global service launch in the first quarter of next year, ROS will release the game information and play videos sequentially following the opening of the teaser site.

* ‘Rise of Stars’ Teaser site:

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